Tree Maintenance and Management Solutions for Commercial, Residential and Industrial Clients

Soil Injection

We have transitioned from “spraying” to Eco-Friendly “soil injection” to protect trees from insects and diseases.

Soil injection is environmentally and people friendly because the chemical is injected (thru a probe) into the soil, not sprayed on the tree.

Soil injection delivers the appropriate material into the tree thru the root zone and the material is distributed throughout the tree, for year long protection.

There may be specific tree conditions that we will spray to treat, but overall – we will soil inject trees for preventative care.

We are excited to provide this environmentally safe and effective method of treating trees!

Tree Micro Injection

Environmentally Friendly! By injecting fertilizers, insecticides and fungicides directly into the sap stream of the tree, micro-injection utilizes the tree’s own natural transport system. No air, soil or groundwater contamination occurs.

Deep Root Fertilization

A process where a high quality nutrient solution is injected into the root zone of the tree. Ongoing deep root fertilization programs improve the oxygen content, microbial activity, and nutrient level within the soil, which improve the environmental conditions around and within the root zone.

We deep root fertilize evergreen and deciduous trees (aspens, crabapple, etc.) with a “time release” fertilizer which provides nutrients for year long fertilization. 

Tree Cutting, Removal & Pruning

We specialize in the removal of unwanted or potentially dangerous limbs and trees, as well as stump grinding. Pruning trees directs growth and accentuates a tree’s beauty. We do basic or extensive pruning and cutting – cut, chipped, hauled or stacked as requested.

We have CAT bulldozers, bucket trucks, chipper, chip trucks, CAT skid steer with grapplers, CAT skidder with grapplers, stump grinder, service truck, chainsaws, ropes and equipment to cut/haul trees.

Fire Mitigation

Mitigation services improve your property’s potential for surviving a wild land fire. We have the equipment to deal with large scale cutting operations.
We specialize in highly technical tree removal.

Weed Control

 We provide broadleaf and noxious weed control, and lawn disease diagnoses for turf management.

Blight & Aphids

Spraying for blight and aphids is an option. Blight and aphids are weather related and may not appear every year. Aphids may harm trees, and can be annoying if the “honeydew” (on leaves) drips on cars/walkways. We can spray or direct inject for those situations, but it may not be necessary to spray all trees. Blight causes deciduous leaves to become discolored. Blight usually will not harm the tree. We can spray a preventative, but must spray several times prior to the onset of blight. 

Spraying Trees

Preventative Tree Spraying – Spraying is used when micro injection is not effective in particular situations. 

  • Spring/Summer preventative spraying for insects.
  • Fall protective spraying against Winter desiccation (winter burn).

Stump Grinding

Reasons to remove tree stumps:

Aesthetics – you no longer have to look at or mow around unwanted stumps. Stumps can reduce the value of landscaping.

Safety Hazard – children/pets can trip over or run into stump.

Prevention – Grinding stops the stump from sprouting new shoots.

We grind the stump below grade, which will allow grass to grow in that spot.



Created defensible space for fire mitigation or property clearing. We have specialized masticator machinery that enables our crew to clear open spaces and properties efficiently.

Forest Agriculture

For properties with 40 acres or more. We’ll create a 5-10 year plan in conjunction with the forest service for reforestation.

Forest Landscaping

Custom designs for your property. We can build trails, rural roadways (including culverts and grading), log bridges and benches.